just living life…

those that know me know my first name is nanette…cause my mother loved the name…she loved it so much they called me by my middle name, danielle…as the years went on, and the stories unfolded, i now answer to many a name – so just call me joey 🙂

i’m 43, a mommy to a 90lb, 4legged monster  who i am addicted to and a workaholic…why blog now, you may ask…well, i’m sick of hearing – you’re not having kids – oh that’s so sad…oh you’ve never been married – it’ll happen for you, sweetie…aren’t you lonely – you should try on line dating…and my all time favourite quote – you’re way too picky at your age…i’m wanting to share that a 43year old independent, career oriented puppy momma has an awesome life – a life i probably would not have chosen back in the day, but a life i adore, a life i cherish, a life that is mine…

if you’re looking for proper grammar, proper language, pg rated educational info – scroll on…this is me, raw at 43…




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